This year the Dark River Festival will be held between August 9th to 10th 2019. As usual, the venue is Laajakoski in Kotka, at Honkala biathlon stadium. Lovers of loud music are once again guaranteed a supersized portion of racket and rumble!

Throughout the years, the Dark River Festival has been an event known for a good and relaxed atmosphere, as well as a high quality and ever-growing mix of bands. Let us invite you, dear friends, to make rock history with us.


Ticket 42,5€/27,5€, buy your ticket here!

Ticket from the gate 45€/30 €

Additional ticket information

Pensioners can enter the are free of charge by presenting their pensioner certificate.

Children under the age of 7 can enter free of charge together with a parent holding a valid a ticket. It is not advisable to bring small children to the area. Remember to (also) protect your children’s ears.

Wheelchair / visually impaired visitors: The escort (1 person) may enter free of charge together with a person in a wheelchair or a visually impaired person holding a ticket.

Festival transportation

The transport to the Dark River -area is handled by Nortamaa Oy. The ride goes on non-stop between Crocodile Bar (Kotka) and Honkala, including only one stop at Sam’s Pub (Karhula). The fee is 5€ / ride.

The timetable FRIDAY:

First transport from Kotka (Crocodile Bar) 15:00 pm
Last transport from Honkala (Dark River Festival) 00:30 am

The timetable SATURDAY:

First transport from Kotka (Crocodile Bar) 13:00 pm
Last transport from Honkala (Dark River Festival) 00:30 am


Festival information

There is no age limit for the actual event. The age limit for the licensed area is 18. Since organizing a rock festival is subject to license, visitors are not allowed to bring their own alcoholic drinks inside the gates. The licensed area, on the other hand, offers a variety of alternatives for the thirsty. For minors, as well as for other festival guests, there is a café tent to satisfy the worst hunger and thirst.

There is a water point inside the area offering clean tap water free of charge. Bringing your own empty plastic bottle into the area is permitted for this purpose. Security guards have the right to check the content of the bottle during the event. The security guards may also check the festival visitors’ backpacks and other bags. However, it is recommended that backpacks and other larger bags be left in the cloakroom. The cloakroom price is 2 euros.

If it is obvious that the festival day will be rainy, please bring a raincoat. Bringing an umbrella to the a area is forbidden.

In the rescue plan and in accordance with rescue authority instructions, lighting an open fire in the camping area is strictly forbidden. This has also been forbidden by the landowners. If a forest fire warning is not in effect, disposable or ball barbecues are allowed. But only if there is no fire hazard.

Please make sure that you reserve enough cash. The festival area is situated in the middle of the blooming countryside, and cash cards can only be used in the licensed area.

The festival area is situated in the city of Kotka, in the Laajakoski area biathlon stadion. Set your navigator for “Kotka Honkalantie”, and you will not bet lost.